Center for TMS, Mind & Body Pain Solutions

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Center for TMS, Mind & Body Pain Solutions

Neot Golf, 1Rothschild Blvd, 023 Build C, קיסריה, 3088900, ישראל
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  • תמונה

    אורי שטייגמן


    ד"ר טובה גולדפיין. היא רופאה ומטפלת מעולה. השילוב בין שיטת הטיפול שלה המייחסת סיבות רגשיות כמו מתח נפשי לכאבי הגב ובין האנושיות, החוכמה והסבלנות שלה וגם הכלים לטיפול עצמי שבהם ציידה אותי, עזרו לי להתגבר כמעט לגמרי על כאבי גב מהם סבלתי במשך שנים רבות. ממליץ ביותר!!!

  • תמונה

    keren shapira


    I met dr Tovah Goldfine after a car accident and she helped me tremendously with horrible migraines, that were caused by tight muscles in the neck and shoulders, with lower back pain , and shoulders pain. She is very compassionate ,caring, nice, wonderful , extremely intelligent person .she has unique and very smart approach toward handling and treating pain that helped me enormously! she gave me chiropractic massages in the back, neck and head that were amazing not like any other I experienced and I tried a lot… a couple of times I arrived with intense migraine and it passed after this massage… she gave me excellent exercises that also helped reducing the pain taught me about body-mind connection and became my life coach! With all of this I really feel she saved my life from many years of pain !!!!!

  • תמונה

    Lynn K


    Dr. Tovah is the doctor's doctor. Skilled way beyond most chiropractors especially in the area of Mind-Body Pain Syndromes. Great patient care and exceptional approaches that are out of the box especially with pain syndromes that have been hard to resolve. She has the tools with her years of experience and approach in unique and effective way to get the most difficult pain syndromes addressed and resolved.

  • תמונה

    Hannah-rose Russell


    Dr.Tovah is one of the few chiropractors who takes the time to listen to what is going on in your life before working on your body. She is dedicated to helping people who are in pain; but, she also gives you tools to help one manage their pain and discomfort for themselves! The advice Dr.Tovah has given me since I began seeing her has been paramount in my healing, and I'm very grateful for the encouragement she's spoken into my life! Her treatments are gentle, and with an infusion of ice/heat, massage, and TENS treatment to help your muscles relax before any adjustments are made. I highly recommend seeing Dr.Tovah if you have been suffering from pain for a while and wish to find a solution!

  • תמונה

    michael galinsky


    I've worked closely with Doc Tovah. she has a strong grasp of mind body pain issues as well as strong hands. If you are struggling to get to the heart of your emotional blocks and struggling to get beyond your pain, reach out.

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